Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Puppy Toys

Tess loves her toys. She lives for her toys. From time to time, I get a trash bag and I throw away the toys that have worn their welcome. This is her time to freak the F out! She wigs! She gets all panic and starts grabbing toys and running under the bed. I buy her so many new toys that the girl has no reason to worry about a toy shortage. She just gets so darn attached.

I flipped out when I was at Muttropolis the other week and saw this cute little Mickey Mouse dog toy. I'm a Disney fan, but I didn't initially think of how morbid it is, the idea of seeing a limp Mickey hanging from my dog's mouth or seeing her shake Mickey violently. Now that we have him, he is her favorite at the moment. She drags him everywhere. One day I came home to see Mickey floating face down in her water bowl. It's just wrong.


WeezerMonkey said...

So cute!

10yearstogether said...

Pup toys are so expensive from the stores so you know what? I buy them tons of stuffed animals from garage sales and they love it!