Wednesday, May 7, 2008

It's a Good Thing He's Cute part Duex

No, I'm not talking about Tucker again. I'm talking about Mr. Bumblebee. We always have the most interesting adventures.

Mr. Bumblebee is a hobbyist. He has a ton of hobbies that he indulges. From RC car/plane/boat to golf to painting and drawing. They are virtually endless. Well, Mr. Bumblebee recently got a new RC car that is an exact replica of his new Mini. He was very excited. So last night, he was busy getting it put together.

The Story:

Apparently, he was too lazy to go downstairs to get the appropriate tools and was using the wrong screwdriver. He was pushing very hard which caused the screwdriver to slip and go straight through his left middle finger. Yes, you heard me correctly, straight through. Actually it was more diagonal. It went through the center of his finger pad and popped out the side of his nail bed.

It was past midnight so I was downstairs getting ready for bed when I hear the F-bomb. I ask him if he is okay and he replies that he cut himself. He comes flying down the stairs and all I see is blood all over the place. I assume he was using an exacto knife and start moving to help him.

God bless this man but he has no stomach for blood. Lord help me if we ever have kids, because in the delivery room...he won't make it. As soon as he gets his finger under the sink he goes pale white and practically passes out. I pick him up and pour him in a chair. I'm more pissed than anything because I just want to go to bed. As he comes too I start to clean of his cut asking him what happened. I see two wounds. I ask him "You cut yourself twice?" He responds in a quiet voice "It went through." WHAT?!? What went through? He explains how it happened and I can't help but crack up. Are you kidding? Only my husband!

Here I have a husband, pale white sitting in a chair, covered in blood, my carpet covered in blood, with an apparent impalement. I start to look to see if it is bad enough to go to the hospital . Really it was just two small wounds and it looked like it missed all vital organs in a fingertip. I call the 24/7 nurse and they assure me that he'll be fine through the night but that he needs to get a tetanus shot as soon as possible and get on antibiotics.

It's a good thing he's cute!


Amber Marie said...

dude, I can relate.

only mine didn't go all the way through.just right to the bone and stopped.

Sara said...

OMG! It IS a good thing he's cute because I would have killed MH for being SO lazy in the first place....after I bandaged him up ofcourse :)