Monday, May 5, 2008

Mello Weekend

I started to feel sick Friday night so we decided to take a mello weekend. On Sunday we visited my parents and saw Iron Man. It was actually a decent film...predictable but entertaining. But I love Robert Downey Jr.'s work.

We brought the "kids" with us so they could run in my parents backyard. They had a blast.

Tess looking mighty cute. She isn't brushed out because she just went swimming in the spa. Ya, on purpose. It's nice to have dogs love water but sometimes I can't keep her out of it and I don't feel like brushing her out every hour.
This is Gidget, my parents rat...I mean dog. She's cute. She's a whoppin' 8 pounds now. She loves playing with Tess and Tucker though.

This is my little man. He was mortified of my parents but loved the backyard. But by the end of the night he would take a treat from my dad. He's slowly getting there....lots of work. He's the opposite with just Mr. Bumblebee and me though, he's CRAZY! He gathered a pile of sticks and chewed on them in the shade for the later part of the afternoon. He went swimming once, but it was by accident.


That Girl said...

I think we might see Ironman this weekend

Amber Marie said...

Oh my gosh. I never paid attention but Bailey and Tess have the same collar.

10yearstogether said...

Awww - I'm glad that it's working out with Bailey! I remember that you were going through some issues with him.