Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's a Good Thing He's Cute!

Another night at the dog park. Tess smelled every inch of grass cautiously watching her back end (she hates it when other dogs smell her butt). Tucker ran like crazy and greeted every dog and steered away from every human.

I just found out that Sprinkles makes dog cupcakes now. I wasn't a HUGE fan of Sprinkles to begin with but being dog friendly makes me like them more!

Tess' 1st birthday is May 11th. We were going to do a little something for her with my parents, so I think I'll order some dog cupcakes for her...peanut butter flavor definitely.

When we brought them back home, Tucker fell asleep immediately. husband does not snore. THANK GOODNESS! He talks on a frequent basis, but he does not snore. Tucker...little man...he snores! Badly. I mean, it's to the point that if I don't fall asleep before him, I often can't get to sleep. I have to keep waking him up and positioning him differently. The vet said it was fine and that he just snores. Ugh. Good thing he's cute


WeezerMonkey said...

They are so cute!

That Girl said...

Ringo loves their pupcakes. He picks it up and then promptly drops it frosting side down on the floor. He then eats the cupcake and licks the frosting off the floor.

10yearstogether said...

You are like me, always taking pictures in the blog of the furbabies. =)