Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Andrei's Conscious Cuisine

We've been trying to find some restaurants to try in our area and after a long day of working together which included me getting my makeup and hair done, we decided to treat ourselves to a nice dinner. Andrei's Conscious Cuisine has been some place I've wanted to try for awhile. I know of a few OC girls who are regulars there for business. 
I like that they leave the water at our table. I drink a lot of water sometimes and I hate having to wait for refills. 
I ordered the pomegranate margarita. I don't like drinks where I can't taste the alcohol, even if it's a lot and it's just the mix of the drink, especially with margaritas. This was a nice combo, the right amount of sweetness and tequila. Mr. Bumblebee ordered his regular rum and coke, no picture needed. 
 We ordered their ceaser salads and munched on bread rolls. I wasn't impressed with this salad or the dressing at all. Meh meh meh.

 Same with the rolls, not a good start.
 Mr. Bumblebee ordered the King Crab Ravioli with a Ginger Tomato Broth and vegetables. The sauce wasn't overwhelming the tastes of the crab. The extra chunks of crab meat on the plate was a nice touch. Mr. Bumblebee mentioned that the ravioli wouldn't have been enough so I'm glad they included that. The ravioli had a nice combination of cheese and crab.

 I ordered the Free-Range Mary's Farm Chicken Breast Stuffed with Mushrooms, Fennel & Pomegranate Seeds, Rainbow Swiss Chard, Brussels Sprouts, Cinnamon Couscous, Pomegranate-Infused Natural Au Jus.  

 It was ok. All the vegetables were overcooked and the cinnamon couscous didn't taste cinnamony at all. The chicken however was yummy along with the Au Jus sauce.
Because I didn't like my veggies over cooked, I ordered a side of their creamed corn. I don't like it when creamed corn is mushy. I like it when it's corn in cream sauce. And this provided me that. It was crunchy fresh corn in a nice warm creamy sauce...probably not good for my new year's diet at all.
Overall, we weren't wow-ed at all. But the environment was really pleasant. On Tuesday nights they offer Free Corkage and if you go during happy hour, their menu looks pretty good! They change them menu every season because they only use fresh local products. So if maybe you weren't a fan of this season's offerings, you might want to check out the next season's. Which, on a Tuesday night, I think I'd be up for.

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10yearstogether said...

I have been there 4x this week, and it's only Wednesday. I have to say they make a great steak, but I haven't sampled much else on their dinner menu. I have heard that their lunch menu is much better than dinner. I LOVE their happy hour drinks though, yum. Sorry you weren't wow'ed! I really adore the owners and the staff, as well as the food and drink. But that may also be because I go there at least 2x a week, it's insane.