Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Party with Gma!

If you know me or follow my blog regularly, you'll realize quickly that I'm a bit of a Disneyland freak. I love visiting  the parks for any reason I can find. This was our 11th year celebrating the New Year at Disneyland. We've seen it all, we've stood in the rain, we've worn t-shirts, we've gotten there at 8am and stayed till 2am and we've gotten there at 10pm and left at 12:30am. But this was a different trip this time. We had some extra  "baggage". But it was lovable was my GRANDMA! We invited her, not expecting her to want to brave the crowds and 30 degree weather, but she blew us away and wanted to come. Heck, she was even excited about it. Hell ya Grandma! I was so excited to go to Disneyland with my grandma, something we haven't done in about 16 years, that the night before, I couldn't sleep! I was so excited!!
Of course I love kissing my husband underneath a sky of fireworks while "When You Wish Upon A Star" is playing too...doesn't he look stylish in this outfit?!
Grandma was planning out her day. She wanted to see everything!
My dad is my fellow Disney freak. If I want to go to the parks, and can't find anyone to go with me...I know I can count on my dad wanting to go. He's a pyro and will take any excuse to watch some pyro technics.
Marmee and me :)
I got my new red converse and mini mouse seatbelt bag, I was such a happy girl in my super duper cute combo!
Isn't my grandma cute! She's so awesome. This has been probably the hardest year on her, I can't even begin to imagine how she's been able to brave through it. She's truly a hero in my book and someone I look up to.
Of course we had to start the day off right, a little wine tasting in Disney California Adventure. Pretty much buzzed from here on out...grandma knows how to party!
We ate at Storyteller's Cafe and they had a special dessert for the new year. It was scrumptious!
My red-faced Filipino hubby...gets red when he drinks alcohol. And boy did we have some alcohol. But on New Years at Disneyland everyone is so friendly, we were making friends with everyone! We were all in such a good mood waiting for a fresh start to begin.
It got cold. Real cold. Freezing almost. But with our tequilla still keeping us warm, and the dj keeping us dancing, we worked through it.
Us gals...we had such a great time that night.
I'm so glad my mom has my grandmother here now. I can't imagine how much I'd miss my mom if she lived in another country.
We were dancing fools. While the DJs at Disneyland are nothing to brag about, they knew when in Journey. 
Of course I started 2011 with a big ol' smooch from this guy.
2010 was a rough year. It wasn't a bad year because we bought our first house, I graduated from college, and we made it through another year of marriage. But it wasn't a great year. My grandfather's passing is something I am still working on getting over every single day. Not a day has gone by that I haven't missed him, or wished he was here. I especially miss him when I cook. 
However 2010 was a year of learning. I learned how much I could lean on Mr. Bumblebee. I learned that we could handle the rough roads of homeownership. I learned that I was stronger than I thought I was. 
2011 is looking promising. With 5 weddings to attend, hopefully Mr. Bumblebee will start gradschool, and we will continue to make our house a home...I have high  hopes. 
Bring it 2011. Oh bring it.

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