Thursday, January 13, 2011

Modeling Career??

I recently got a rare glimpse into the world of commercial modeling. Mr. Bumblebee works as a research design engineer and is getting ready to release his new product or "baby". This portion of the company had a smaller budget for their photo shoot and so to save some money, Mr. Bumblebee recommend that I and his cousin D fill in as models so they would only have to hire one professional (and expensive) model. When he mentioned I would get a mani, makeup and hair plus a generous pay for the day, I jumped at the opportunity. 
D was in the make up chair, I was so glad she came. To be honest, the shoot was really boring. They would set something up and set the lighting up and the camera angle and then we'd come in and we'd shoot for a few minutes and then wait an hour while they set up the next shoot. But D kept me entertained. No matter what we were doing in the photos, they always told us to smile, even though it didn't always make sense to smile...I guess that is just commerical photography, but we made a joke of it..."I smile when I do anything!".  
 Wardrobe was kind of boring, it was business designer dresses in chiffon for me.
 D and I were both on our game. We needed little direction and nailed our photos right away. I see a career in this for us...haha.
 While talking to the photographer we learned that each piece of his equipment, including his computer, probably cost more than my car. This was heavy duty equipment, the lights, stage, cameras, flashes, computers.
 So glad I have her close by!
 If you were at the shoot, you would have had no idea that Mr. Bumblebee and I were married. He was so professional, sometimes too professional with his attitude. I had to remind him a few times that he goes home with me...haha. Poor guy was pretty stressed out. I never knew how much work goes into a photo shoot and this was his "baby" so he wanted everything perfect. The boy worked his butt off.
 Lunch time! I grabbed for the meat lovers pizza, but the model and D both reached for the veggie, healthy choice. Exhibit A why I wouldn't make it in the modeling world.
 This was the pro model. Not only was she gorgeous, but man she knew how to pose. I was pretty impressed with how fast D and I caught on with the whole commercial modeling gig, but this lady has it down. It's not hard to take a picture of someone using a product, but her photos looked so much better. She had some pretty interesting modeling/runway stories to tell us in her early days.
 I had to show you what I saw from the other side of the camera. Not very interesting...this is what I had to work with people!
After D and I got all our shots done, 6 hours later mind you, I noticed that Mr. Bumblebee was going into the make up chair. They needed a man for several shots and Mr. Bumblebee was nominated to fill the void. So into the make up chair for airbrushing and powder. Haha. He cleaned his face the second he got home which I preferred anyways. I love those freckles!
All and all it was a fun experience. It was boring and tiresome. I wasn't thrilled with how my make up and hair turned out but it was the "look" they wanted. But I got to hang with the hubby all day, get a free mani, make some extra cash, and had a good reason to go out to dinner afterwards. Yeah, I'd do it again.

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Good times! Thanks for sharing a fun day with me :-)