Friday, January 7, 2011

Game Night + A Surprise!

The bestie hosted a game night right before the holiday crunch since she knew that we would have a harder time hanging out once the holidays were in full swing. Good thinkin' bestie! She had quite the little spread for us. I am so proud of her!

The best part of the night was when Bestie told me I could open my birthday gift. This was in the middle of December and my birthday is towards of the end of January. But who am I to deny her wish?! NEVER! She said she had a video for me to watch and then I could open my gift. I was completely dumbfounded. 
Here is a little background information. I love the baker/blogger Bakerella. She is like a teacher to me and I soak up every single post she does. She was going to be in town signing her brand new Cake Pops cookbook and I was dead set on meeting my "mentor". However when the time came, I couldn't get the day off work. I was devastated. So many people I  knew offered to get a book signed for me. But it wasn't good enough, I wanted to meet and talk to Bakerella. I polietly declied their offers and chose to sulk instead...little did I know my sneaky bestie had something up her sleeve.

The video I was watching was a collage of pictures of us throughout the years, from jr. high all the way up until the weekend prior. It had songs playing in the background that meant something special to us. 
Just watching that alone made me get teary eyed.
But then, Bestie was on the video herself, explaining to me she was with someone special. It was her and Bakerella. She videoed herself talking to Bakerella about me and how much I loved her and how I wanted to come but I couldn't because of work. Bakerella looks into the camera and gives me a message and tells me what a wonderful friend I have for doing this for me. It was like I met her! She talked to me! I was so excited that I became an emotional wreck at that moment.
At that point, I was allowed to open the gift that was in my lap and sure enough, it was my signed copy of the book.
I lost it. I was shaking. I still shake when I think about how lucky I am to have such amazing friends. I count on them so much and I hope they know how much they can count on me.
Will I ever be able to make this up to Bestie? I'm not sure I can top it. It was pretty amazing and I was pretty surprised. She is really the ultimate best friend a person could ask for.
After the emotional outburst of girls crying and hugging and declaring of love, the boys finally got us to sit down and play some games. It was an awesome time with wine and taboo and questions and answers. It's always a little more fun with some wine right?

I can't wait till I can spend time with my girls again. I can't go too long without seeing them or I feel like something is missing. 
Thanks again bestie for the most memorable gift I have ever received! 

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