Thursday, January 27, 2011

Is that a mirage?

Bumblebee MIL was a genius at work when she mentioned a trip to the desert. Not only was it a much needed break from our daily lives, but the weather gods humored us and gave us 80+ degree weather to soak up. It was such a relaxing trip. First thing we did when we got there: Mr. Bumblebee headed off for a round of golf, and I threw on my bathing suit for some tanning...I had the entire pool to was heaven! 
That night after a yummy homecooked dinner, Mr Bumblebee, Bumblebee FIL and I headed off to the local casino to give our luck a try. I won 80 bucks, wouldn't you know it. I know it doesn't sound like much but I was only gambling about 20 to begin with. Not bad for one hour in a casino. 
The next day we did a little shopping in the desert and then ate at the club. I forgot to take pictures :( But the food was delicious and the people are so friendly. It was time for another round of golf but I decided to do everyone a favor and drive the golf cart for the ::wink wink::
 See, gorgeous I tell you!
 Mr. Bumblebee at the practice putting his little hate.
 Not quite where he wanted the ball to go...
I drove around until hole 4/5 then got bored of it...but it was a fun time while it lasted....

We ate dinner again there and then packed up and drove home. It was a short trip but it was lovely. I'm so glad we have to option to head out to a mirage anytime we want to and enjoy it. Hopefully we will find the time to head out there again soon.

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