Saturday, January 15, 2011

I Spy Naughty Puppies!

Mr. Bumblebee recently got a Sony Playstation Move which turns his Playstation into a Wii system. Anyways, Mr. Bumblebee figured out that he can watch it from work and spy on a certain pair of pooches and actually find out what they are doing during the day...
For the most part we saw them stretching and laying around...

They made themselves very comfortable...yes that is her sleeping on her back. She was like that for quite some time, probably even snoring. 
However, the longer we watched...the more naughty things we caught. That's her practically standing on top of our end table. She knows better than that. 
 And the next day, she jumped up on the ottoman, which she is very aware that she isn't allowed to do, and proceeds to lay down and take a nap for several hours.
When Mr. Bumblebee called the house so the phone would ring, she jumped down faster than you could say "BUSTED!".

Too bad there really is no way for us to discipline her since we can't really catch her in the act.

But we are watching you Tess...always watching you.

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