Monday, January 17, 2011

Bestie Party

As I write this blog, I'm pretty upset. See, I made my first full fledge meal for a party of 8 people. I worked my butt off on the menu and of course....I forgot to take pictures of any of my food!!!! No pictures of my food. No pictures of my friends in my house. NADA! Luckily Mr. Bumblebee is smart enough to grab a camera when he hears "shots!" from the group of us. 

 That was fun. Of course we kept the kids outside...and this was the sad face we got....chewnola in mouth and sad eyes at full capacity...don't worry, we left the garage for them to get into to keep warm, she just kept checking to make sure the door was still closed.
 Then, once the party got rolling...we played Apples to Apples. Never played that game before but I liked it. My sister and I had the "creepy-sister-brain-connection" to keep us at the top of the game. We are good at reading each other's minds.
That was all for the photos that night. I'm sad I don't have more but I figure it's a good excuse to get everyone over again! I had a blast. I know for my friends it was a long ride that night, but I hope it was enough fun for them that they'd be willing to come down again and maybe make a weekend out of it. I'm glad that they love me enough to come....THANKS GUYS!

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