Saturday, January 29, 2011

I see blue skies...

My birthday was a bit complicated this year. It fell on a Saturday but I had agreed to help a family member out by doing all the desserts for the wedding. Even though I had a blast doing, it was nonetheless stressful and exhausting. I will blog about all that later. The morning after the wedding, when I could take my first deep breath in weeks, Bumblebee MIL came up with the best idea ever, to walk across the island and take the ferry over to Ruby's Diner on the pier. The crystal clear blue skies, and clean blue waters made the day a very special day. Reminding me to be thankful for all I have this year of my life. 

 While taking the ferry over, we saw an unfortunate but cool sight. Those are sea lions on top of that boat...which is pretty cool to see them so close and just hanging out. However it is unfortunate because they trashed that boat...the owners hopefully have sea-lion damage insurance to cover their loses.
 It was just such a beautiful sky and day we had to take one photo. We all look a little rugged because of the previous day/week of wedding prep...but it was such a lovely way to spend the morning.
family = love

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