Monday, December 13, 2010

Dodger Dogs

I have been hoping and praying for a day when the Dodgers would host their own Bark at the Park night. Most of the other MLB teams already have one, but the Dodgers didn't. But the crowds opened up and I got my Bark at the Park. We were thrilled! We bought our tickets (they weren't the best but the dogs were only allowed in that one section). I had to get a photo of my girl with the LA sky line. She was pretty freaked out about the height. 
Tuckman wasn't as impressed with the view. Mr. Bumblebee brought a backpack with all of the essentials for the kids. Poop bags, treats, water bottle, extra leash. We never opened the bag once...what a waste. Apparently my dogs don't like to poop/pee at very public places.
 Yay! The bestie brought her recently adopted puppy Fiona to the game in a pink tutu. We were supposed to be able to walk on the field in a parade...but that didn't happen. No comment there.
Tess was so caught up with all the smells she didn't care what was going on with the game. Which we were happy about. We were so convinced that she would see a ball come our way and take off. She was more concerned with the all-you-can-eat Dodgerdogs. 

 Tucker was in full panic mode with a crapload of people who he didn't know around him. He was convinced someone had a hit on him and would kill him at any moment. He did relax eventually, right around the time we ordered our food. What a coincidence.
 This is his "I'm stressed" face.
 He was interested in the game...he watched it just like Mr. Bumblebee did.
 I love this shot of my girl. She loved the whole thing but she was getting really tired. We didn't let them sleep all day long in hopes that they would just sleep during the game and not cause us too many problems. She didn't sleep but she wanted too. She fought it the whole way.
We had a great time and totally plan on doing it again. It was so fun to see other dog lovers around us and we had a great group around us. They were so well behaved, I'm so proud of my kids...and GO DODGERS!

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