Friday, December 17, 2010


As the die hard season-ticket holding Bruins that we are, we go big for the USC vs UCLA game. Sure sure, the past few years it hasn't been a big game, but we bleed blue and gold and will be life long Bruins. For that reason, we opt. for the Chancellor's Dinner prior to the game. It rarely disappoints. 

Open bar makes for a great time! Double margaritas...who cares who wins the game with a fully stocked bar?
 Coming into the tent, we could smell the yummy tri-tip, BBQ chicken, sliced ham, and other goodies cooking...but that was only the beginning. Catered by Bristol Farms, they also had a sandwich table where they make your sandwich according to you, a hot dog table, and a salad table. Sa-sweet!

It was the dessert table that stole the spot light though, how could it not with our own Bruin bear sculptured out of ice? 
 A huge spread with cupcakes, cookies, all kinds of candies, pies, cakes, even cobbler.
 I put together my own plate, filling it up as much as possible...
 Seriously, how cute are these? They even had the Rosebowl!
 Oh no, that wasn't it though. They had fried donuts to order there. These adorable girls were frying up donuts  and flaking them with powdered sugar. Mr. Bumblebee could barely wait for them to cool before he delved into his. Yum!
And just when you thought they couldn't be anymore generous...oh look! Our own free bag of freshly popped kettle corn! Hell Ya!
 We had the usual rag-tag band with us. Sister and BF. 
 Of course this was before the game and we were all very optimistic. But look how cute my parents are...
 So give the Bumblebee's an open bar and we have fun! We enjoyed our drinks :) (each)


 Of course we didn't win that night. We were sad...but UCLA had their dynasty. The first I can remember of UCLA football was during the early 1990's when UCLA football was what USC football was two years ago. We beat USC for 8 years in a row. We were on top and I never knew what it was to loose. I miss those day, but they will come again. Every dog has his day and UCLA is due...
I love being a Bruin.

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