Monday, December 6, 2010

H & B

Mr. Bumblebee and I are blessed to have a very close set of friends. A long long time ago, my best friend introduced me to this great guy who was a close friend of her boyfriend. We've been inseparable ever since. On our wedding day, we wanted both of the right by our side. This past year they celebrated their 10 year dating anniversary and B finally got the courage and popped the question to my best friend.
Of course she said yes, and I was so lucky and honored to be one of the first phone calls that night. I was so excited for her that even though I was in the middle of a food truck line, I was jumping up and down and crying. 
The next week was B's birthday party, the perfect chance to announce the big news to their friends. As we were preparing to leave for the party, H pulled me aside. She asked me to be next to her at her wedding. As her Maid of Honor. The amount of honor and privilege I feel for being asked is indescribable. Of course this calls for a celebration and us girls know how to celebrate....
 As we waited for our friends to start rolling in so H and B could give them the news, I was so anxious and excited for our friend R to come. We are a little tripod and I was so excited to see H tell R the good news and catch it on camera...
B did such a good job picking that beauty out. I guess when you date for 10 years, you've earned it.

Mr. Bumblebee was asked to be a groomsman and R's boyfriend/longtime friend of B and Mr. Bumblebee was also asked. These boys are a crack up together! 
 And here are my girls! We are the "Friends". We will always be and I can't wait to share H's special day with her.
I am so blessed.

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