Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wedding Season!!

I remember some time ago, someone asking me if I was going to a ton of weddings now that Mr. Bumblebee and I were married. I replied no because it was true, we rarely went to a wedding...maybe one a year. That changed this year, and will probably be the same next year. Everyone and their mother decided to get married in a two month span for us this year. Of course some were very special to us. Bumblebee SIL finally walked down the aisle in October in a beautiful garden wedding. I was there by her side with her and was so honored to be there on that special day in a special way. We partied the nights away, and by party...I mean party! We had a blast at this wedding esp. with their yummy signature drink ::wink wink::

Then we had Mr. Bumblebee's friend's wedding. Mr. Romance was in our wedding and now it was finally his turn. It was an awesome wedding because the couple is so awesome! I love them and couldn't be happier for them.  
 The wedding was also awesome because of one other reason...they had a freakin' mariachi band at their wedding!!! AWESOME!!! I loved it and sat and listened to them most of the night. What a lovely touch.
 Such a cute couple! Mrs. Romance was so beautiful I can't get over it!
Lastly we had a lovely wedding to attend to that had an amazing view. It was to die for. I can't imagine a more romantic place to have a wedding...a vineyard in Temecula. The weather was perfect and the view was gorgeous!
 We knew quite a few people at this wedding and had a little photo session.
Lastly we had another wedding where I was so busy having a great time, I didn't get a chance to take any photos! Boo! It was a beautiful rooftop wedding in Pasadena. The groom has been friends with Mr. Bumblebee forever through church and I consider him a close friend as well. We were so excited to see him take this step in his life and his wedding was off-the-hook amusing, especially when the Bride and Groom sang Faithfully as a thank you to their guests...a-ma-zing!

All these weddings kept us so busy but when enjoyed every single one of them. It was nice to spend a whole 2 months with friends and family celebrating and drinking. Next year is looking to be the same...can't wait!

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