Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year...

Which would be my besties' birthday! We got together for dinner at The Farm of Beverly Hills down at LA Live to celebrate this joyful time of year for dinner and fun.
There is absolutely nothing I can't handle with these girls by my side.

And these are the hottest guys around!

I ordered The Farm Steak; blue cheese encrusted sirloin steak with a merlot sauce, garlic mashed potatoes, and broccolini. I asked them to cook it to medium but it was a little dry. The sauce was rich and yummy but I didn't notice a lot of garlic in the mashed potatoes. I still managed to eat all of it.
Bestie ordered the chicken strips so she could share a burger with her fiancĂ©. They were yummy and simple.
 All three boys ordered the BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger, two with regular fries and one with sweet potatoes. Not one of them ate all of it. It wasn't because they didn't like it, it was just a huge burger. T even said the meat quality was like a steak in between buns and it was a fantastic burger. 
Lastly Mexi-bestie ordered the most eye appealing order of the night. She ordered the Ahi Three Ways Salad. She ate the whole thing. While she wasn't awed with her meal, it was satisfying for her.
 The birthday girl ordered her fave; Apple pie a la mode. However we were disappointed in the a la mode...barely enough for a full table spoon. It was mediocre but bestie is resourceful and added a little something to spruce it up.
 B ordered the Famous Farm House Brownie Sundae. Again, I was a little let down with the ice cream to dessert ratio, but later when I looked across the table, the dessert was gone...couldn't have been that bad.
 Lastly, I ordered the s'more platter. How cool is this?! I was in love. It was very good as well...however if you can image what happens when we are done and waiting for the check while we have an open flame available to us...
... The boys decided to have a good time. I should disclaim we were a few drinks in at this point.
 Us girls just wanted to chat but the boys opted for some bowling upstairs at Lucky Strike. This was waiting in our booth when we sat down...couldn't pass up a small photo sesh. 
 drinks + photography don't mix.
Overall, anytime I can be with both my besties is a good time however tonight was awesome. I loved visiting LA Live. It was so festive for this time of year and I wish I could have spent more time check the place out. Dinner by no means was something I'd talk about months from now, but I would totally go back to The Farm. Our waiter was AMAZING!!! He was so cool and helped me out big time.


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