Saturday, December 18, 2010

Le Napoleon Patisserie

Recently a new bakery and cafe opened at Irvine Spectrum. So while I was doing some shopping, I thought I'd stop in and check it out myself. 
The decor for the small space is super cute and ties in nicely.
 Lots of teals and pinks with cute packaging. The owner is FOB from France. I spoke with her assistant who was very friendly and informative.
 I like this little light for my house...gotta capture it.
There were so many yummy goodies still available even though I was there after 6pm 

They have a breakfast menu with breakfast patisseries, tea sandwiches, soups, salads, quiches, regular sandwiches, and flat breads along with a full espresso machine for hot drinks and a variety of cold teas and beverages. 
Since it was late and I still had a lot of shopping to do, I opted for a sleeve of macaroons to try. 

I haven't tried all of them yet, I'm trying to pace myself. They are really good and perfectly textured. Mr. Bumblebee really enjoys the coffee ones. For a dozen it was almost 24 dollars...a bit steep but there aren't a lot of French bakeries in Irvine to choose from.
I hope I get to go back for lunch sometime soon. I hope it makes it because the people who work there are super nice and so optimistic about this place. 
If you are in the area and you have a sweet tooth, check this place out!

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