Sunday, December 19, 2010

Don't forget the pooches!

How could we possibly forget our favorite pups in the holiday spirit. I love searching the target dollar bins for stocking stuffers for the kids...they go through toys so fast, you can't go wrong for a dollar.
Here are a few things we found:

 We actually bought these tennis balls for her stocking. Tess loves to chase a ball at the bark park, and now I don't have to guess which ones are actually hers...

 Apparently there are SPECIAL fleece blankets for dogs only...??
 However, if your pooches are spoiled like mine are, go to Muttropolis. They have some hilarious dog toys that might just be under the tree in the Bumblebee house for some puppies on the nice list.

 This toy is something I'm very excited for. It is kind of a game for the dogs to keep hunting for where the treat is. Tess is pretty bright. We've watched her break into plastic storage boxes for tennis balls so this is a little more constructive than destroying my plastic tubs.
Hopefully your pooches have been good puppies this year, our pups just barely squeaked by.

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10yearstogether said...

You make me look bad, it's a good thing Sophie and Caleb don't read blogs. Hahhaha...