Thursday, December 30, 2010

The end.

It was time for one more Christmas celebration and we had our game faces on...see?
 During the madness at my parents' house...dogs even got in on the fun.
 See, Tess is stealing a toy...
Amigo, the family pet loved his catnip so much, he was high as a kite all day afternoon...looks a bit like satan here doesn't he?
Gidget kept watch of the kitchen/turkey dinner being prepared...she never misses an opportunity. 

 Dinner got started very early. The veterans took over the kitchen.
But Mr. Bumblebee had to help pick the huge turkey out of the oven, it was so heavy. 
Happy clan as we ate was delicious.
Hanging out with my baby sister who is almost done with college! I can't believe it.
 Then my love, he looked handsome in his new sweater!
 My Auntie and Uncle with cousin and hubby and of course baby in tow came over the next day too. It was so nice to celebrate the holiday with them, I can't remember the last time we celebrated together.
 Enchiladas, rice, and beans....Mesicans all the way.
 So many presents under the tree again! We were truly spoiled this year.
 Oddly enough, the infant had the biggest pile of presents, right behind her was Grandma though.
 My mother crotched this beautiful afghan for the baby.
 The best part of this entire Christmas season was celebrating it with my Grandmother. She has gone from little sweet housewife to a pillar of our family. She's been so strong and resilient, I have really come to look at her in a completely new light. Meanwhile, she is still my grandmother. She is my childhood and watching her hold my cousin's baby made me realize that she is even my future. This was a very special Christmas, it was the first without my grandpa and it was the first where I cherished my family in a completely different way.
 I sure do love us!
Merry Christmas everyone!

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