Friday, December 10, 2010

The Queen Bee

My little sister is so cool! She applied for homecoming court at our college when she heard that they were giving a good size scholarship thinking she'd give it her best shot and whatever happens...happens. She is not the typical homecoming court girl. She's a drama nerd/star wars geek/ awesome chick. She is not a sorority girl. Not because she doesn't want to be, she even pledged a few, but she realized with her work/school was not feasible. She maintains a 4.0 as a biology major with an emphasis in zoology. Dayum!
However, she was the only girl on court who was not in the Greek System. That created a controversy and eventually lead to a school wide movement to not vote for her and "To Keep Homecoming Greek". I have nothing against the Greek System, but this pissed me off!
Anyways, we hoped for the best, and were totally prepared for the worst. However, look how freakin' cute my sister looks in her tiara.
 They had to be introduced in front of the whole tailgating group before the game in front of the pyramid. This is something that gave my sister a hard time. She's not comfortable in front of people and may or may not have had a complete moment of regret in th car on the way over when she realized what she was getting herself into. However she pulled through and talked on the mic like a champ! GO BABY SIS!
Unfortunately, she did not win queen, the girl who lead the campaign against her did. We were sad for her, but deep down inside, I think she was glad it was over and she'll never get in front of a crowd that big again. 
As sad as we all were that she didn't win. She was still super excited to see the Redbull Mini in appearance...Gosh I love this girl.
Even though she didn't win, she will always be royalty to me. She's accomplished so much in college and has blossomed into this amazing person...she is the real winner here. /cheesiness

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